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Exhibition in Feste – Hruschka Falkenstein shows how he incorporates nature into his art

Exhibition in Feste – Hruschka Falkenstein shows how he incorporates nature into his art

Andreas Glatzer, owner of the old presbytery at Falkenstein Castle, was delighted to welcome a Falkensteiner artist to the exhibition this year: “Snow in the Sun” is represented by the artist Alfred Hrushka. Berthold Ecker, in charge of contemporary art at the Vienna City Museum, outlined the artist’s career and earlier work.

Hrushka connects art very closely with nature: “He convinced me from the start because he recognized the signs of climate change early on and addressed them in his work,” said Ecker. Alfred Hrushka’s art makes people think and points to growth and decay in nature. His works will represent an equal coexistence between man and nature.

Hrushka does not throw anything away and exposes his art to nature

The Falkensteiner artist has a particular approach to art: “He doesn’t throw anything away and also uses cultural waste that tells a story in his works,” Ecker explained. It also leaves artworks to nature for a while, only to step in again after a while.

Head of state Karl Wilving thanked Eva Dernbacker and Andreas Glatzer for opening Falkenstein Castle for the showcasing of culture. He described his old friend Alfred Hrushka as a very deep person who, out of humility, had a great appreciation for life in its diversity. The title of the exhibition “Snow in the Sun” is a very good symbol for that: “Snow in the Sun enchants every second and shines in all its glory, but it is also particularly ephemeral,” says Welling.

The exhibition runs until May 29

Guests included Andrea Dumzel, an internationally recognized art critic and cultural director, as well as Mayor Leopold Richter and longtime colleague Manfred Fass of no. The exhibition is open every Saturday, Sunday and Ascension Day from 1-5pm until completion on Monday 29th May at 2pm, accessible free of charge in Falkenstein’s old vicarage.