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“It’s all a waltz!”  At the Vienna State Opera in New York »Ledersent

“It’s all a waltz!” At the Vienna State Opera in New York »Ledersent

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| 09/05/2023

On May 12, 2023, Sylvia Fraser and Daniel Seraphin invite you to the 67th Vienna State Opera Concert at the luxurious “The Plaza” hotel in the Big Apple.

“The Vienna Opera Ball in New York has been sold out for weeks!” , organizer Sylvia Fraser and artistic director Daniel Seraphine are looking forward to the high society event. On May 12, the charity gala will take place for the first time at the luxurious The Plaza Hotel, where maestro Vinicius Katah lures around 350 guests onto the dance floor under the theme “A Night Inspired by Carmen.” Opera The stars of the Metropolitan Opera will interest him for more highlights: Senor Stephen Costello, soprano Joyce El Khoury, soprano Natalie Peña-Comas and baritone George Gagnidze on stage.

The arrivals will open the ball to the Viennese Opera Ball Orchestra specially formed in New York. Next, Sandra Stockmaier and Roman Svabic challenge the guests to the ball with the traditional “Alles Walzer!” Even dancing. “Austria will once again show itself from its most beautiful side in the Big Apple,” say Frasier and Seraphin. “The Vienna Opera Ball in New York is a celebration of music and cultural exchange.”

Celebrities from politics, art and business on the dance floor

Both the high society of New York and the guests from Austria announced themselves: Vienna City Councilor on Economic Affairs Peter Haneke with the red-white-red business delegation, Stefan Utrobei, Klaus Banholzer, Helmut Schuba, fashion designer Caroline Sinemus, Michael Trestle, Ambassador and the guest list includes Petra Schnebauer and Ambassadors Alexander Marschek, Suzanne Keppler Schlesinger, Franz Bataille, Christian Strobeck, Julian Jäger, Ingrid Flick, Peter Haslacher, Daniel Spira, Peter Hosk, and Harald Seraphine. Dennis Rich, Jan Shaferoff, Monty Liebman and his wife Angelina Davis, Peter Thomas Roth, Sylvia Hemingway, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Maribel Lieberman will also honor the ball. Once again, designer Malan Breton is expected to be the guest of honour, presenting highlights on the red carpet. This year, for the first time, Madl Salzburg will present a dress designed specifically for ballroom and ballroom dancing. Executive Chef Muhannad Al-Atem is responsible for the gala dinner.

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good purpose

The Vienna Opera Ball in New York is not only about waltzes, but also about a good cause. Proceeds from the concert went to Years of Music Therapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in partnership with the Gabriel Angel Cancer Research Foundation. In recent years, the silent auction has generated six-figure dollar amounts for good reason. This year, for the first time, an award will also be presented: Frasier and Seraphin honor philanthropist and author Jan Shafirov for her social commitment.