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Expert: Trump’s accusations “may affect the chances of the elections”

Expert: Trump’s accusations “may affect the chances of the elections”

“One cannot say exactly what will happen to this process,” says Professor Volker Dipkat of the University of Regensburg about Trump’s trial in New York.

04.04.2023 | 05:16 min

Donald Trump was the first former US president to be impeached. American historian Volker Debkat, born in El Paso, Texas, says in an interview with ZDF heute daily that the alleged forgery of work documents could have a negative impact on Trump’s potential campaign for the 2024 presidency.

You can watch the entire Trump impeachment interview in the video above or read an excerpt here:

Regulated action or low point on the PR scene?

Decat: “I think this is a sign of the polarization of the country so that it cannot yet be determined exactly what will happen to this trial. It has no historical precedent: no former president has been indicted in court. He has not been indicted as a president, but as a private person, and the crimes he is accused of It is a white collar crime.

So it’s not about abuse of position.

Volker Debkat, American Historian

And we can see from the crowds in New York: There are Trump supporters, there are Trump opponents and you can’t really tell in which direction the whole thing is developing.”

Prosecutors accuse Trump of falsifying business documents. The goal: “to hide harmful information and illegal activities,” said Prague’s public prosecutor.

04.04.2023 | 12:36 min

Is the judiciary prosecuting Trump only because of “trivial”?

Decat: “The offenses attributed to him here are rather minor. He is also under investigation in the state of Georgia for outright election fraud. There is also a federal investigation against him based on the investigative report released by the congressional committee in December.

So there are completely different allegations in the room, which are, in fact, capital offenses of the highest kind.

Volker Debkat, American Historian

In that respect, this is perhaps the beginning of a series of lawsuits that amount to ever louder and more serious allegations.”

Reporter Johannes Hanno reports from New York at Donald Trump’s court hearing: It’s very quiet in front of the court – with a few hundred protesters.

04.04.2023 | 02:17 min

Will all Americans accept the ruling?

Decat: “You have to see it’s not easy classifying it as Democrat versus Republican. It’s a jury. A jury from mainstream society is facing it.”

The clearer, more rule-abiding, more transparent this process gets, the harder it will be for Trump to keep up with this witch-hunt narrative in the long term.

Volker Debkat, American Historian

For the first time, a former US president faces criminal charges. Everything about the historic indictment and its consequences live today on ZDF.

04.04.2023 | 76:22 min

What does the process mean for Trump’s chances in the 2024 election?

Decat: “Formally, there is nothing to stop even a convicted person from running for president again. I think it depends a lot on the timelines. It could be months before that process starts.”

If this action continues to produce new headlines in the primaries, which start next year, that could have an impact on the chances of the election.

Volker Debkat, American Historian

“I still think there are a significant number of Americans who think along the lines of law and order, who may be politically polarized, but then acknowledge court rulings, provided they have come in a transparent and compliant manner. That could then also be directed against Trump.”

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