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Finland: Orpo election winner keeps all options open

Finland: Orpo election winner keeps all options open

After winning the parliamentary elections in Finland, the conservatives kept their options open. “I want to have frank talks with all parties,” National Coalition Party leader Pettere Orbo told YLE public channel today. Coalition negotiations should then begin on the basis of these discussions.


The Conservatives made big gains in Sunday’s election and replaced Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats as the strongest party. The right-wing populist Finns party came in second.

It is difficult to form a government

Forming a majority government will be difficult. Orpo could aim for Tech Central’s alliance with the Finns and the Center Party, which so far sits in Marin’s five-party coalition. However, the Finns’ Party announced that it would face opposition. This would leave only the smaller parties as potential junior partners.

Orpo did not want to comment on his government’s policy. The former finance minister said economic growth was a priority. His party has set a goal of saving around six billion euros over the next four years.

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