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Explosions in Kyiv and other Ukrainian regions

One person was killed in Odessa, and the Patriot missile defense system was said to have been damaged in Kiev.

The Russian army attacked Ukrainian cities again with drones and missiles during the night. “In our area, for which we bear responsibility, a fierce rocket attack on Odessa was recorded in the evening,” Natalya Homenyuk, spokeswoman for Army Group South, said on television Thursday. According to them, most of the missiles were intercepted over the sea. Unfortunately, there are also targets. One person was killed and two others were injured.

Ninth air raid in May

Anti-aircraft defenses were also deployed over Kiev. According to the head of the military department in Kiev, Serhiy Popko, all air targets were captured by anti-aircraft defense and shot down. This was the ninth airstrike since early May. “This time the attack was carried out by Tu-95MS and Tu-160 strategic bombers from the Caspian region using Ch-101/555 cruise missiles,” Popko wrote in the Telegram channel of the military department in Kiev.

The missile debris fell in two areas. A fire broke out in a garage complex. But there were no dead or wounded. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed this information.

Kyiv was in the past It was attacked several times by missiles and drones He was. According to Russian information, the Patriot air defense system provided by the United States was destroyed. Washington has only confirmed that the regime “Minor damage“had become.