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Extensive updates to Honda CRF models in Europe for the 2025 model year

Extensive updates to Honda CRF models in Europe for the 2025 model year

  • Extensive upgrades for CRF450R and CRF250R models that improve stability and cornering control
  • Newly developed 70% aluminum frame with new upper and lower triple clamps
  • Brand new 49mm Showa USD fork; The rear shocks and Pro-Link linkages have been revised
  • Engine updates improve power delivery, especially in the mid- to high-speed range, and increase resistance to over-revving
  • Lightweight fairing and brand new side covers
  • The CRF250R now features Honda's Selectable Torque Control from the CRF450R
  • All CRF off-road bikes for the 2025 model year will receive eye-catching new graphics

Honda's CRF450R and CRF250R off-road family bikes, which have won multiple world championship titles, will receive major updates for the 2025 model year, which should contribute to lower lap times for riders of all experience and competitive levels.

The main change is a newly developed 70% double-tube aluminum frame. A redesigned front crossmember, new extruded profiles and cross-stiffeners, stiffer swingarm mounts and a revised shock absorber linkage result in improved flex behaviour, providing greater cornering stability without compromising agility. With an 8% increase in torsional rigidity and a 5% increase in lateral rigidity.

The frame also features new subframe mounting points, new upper and lower triple clamps, and a new front axle clamp that guides the all-new 49mm Showa front fork, designed to improve rider control throughout the ride. They are combined with a new Showa rear shock absorber and a Pro-Link gear ratio to provide the ultimate performance on the track, even on rough surfaces.

The black DID aluminum rims remain, but for the 2025 model year they feature an all-new dual-piston front brake caliper, developed based on HRC's racing experience, with new brake pistons and revised sealing grooves to dramatically improve braking performance even under heavy use . .

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The 2025 engines benefit from new injection settings. Modifications to the intake and exhaust duct enable faster rotation, while at the same time, a new exhaust manifold and optimized PGM-FI injection settings enhance power development for improved traction and greater resistance to over-rev. This means that when accelerating out of corners, you can accelerate faster and accelerate for longer, making overtaking easier. The more robust silencer is designed from heat-treated aluminum to better withstand impacts or contact with competitors during hectic starting stages. Updates improve power delivery and mid- to high-speed acceleration. As for electronics, the 2025 CRF250R features Honda's Selectable Torque Control system from its bigger brother, with three riding modes and an “off” setting.

The 2025 CRF450R and CRF250R models feature updated lightweight fronts and side covers decorated with new CRF family graphics. The Honda Wing logo can now also be seen prominently on the front fenders.

For the 2025 model year, the smaller CRF family members – the CRF150R, CRF125F, CRF110F and CRF50F – follow their larger sister models and all get new CRF family graphics.

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