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New $1 million bankruptcy for Signa Prime

New $1 million bankruptcy for Signa Prime

According to KSV1870, liabilities amount to approximately €37.5 million.

“The reason for applying for restructuring proceedings without self-administration is that the debtor can no longer expect any dividends from its investments or any financing from its shareholders in the short term,” according to KSV1870.

We're talking about Signa Prime Beteiligung GmbH (FN 34805k) based in Vienna. Today, Friday, I submitted a request to open restructuring procedures without self-management. The Managing Director is Signa Board Member Manuel Perrault.

According to KSV1870, liabilities amount to approximately €37.5 million. “These are mainly claims from subsidiaries of the debtor as well as claims from the tax authorities,” says Wieter. According to KSV1870, SIGNA Prime Beteiligung GmbH will continue.

“It can be assumed that the insolvency court will soon open to restructuring proceedings without self-administration. The insolvency administrator, who has not yet been appointed, will have to check whether the restructuring efforts can be sustained,” says Jürgen Gebauer of KSV1870.


The balance sheet numbers pose some mysteries. According to Firmencompass, retained earnings in 2021 amounted to €549.84 million, of which €340.93 million was attributable to carryover profits from previous years. The value of liabilities was estimated at €65.17 million and financial assets (contributions) at €567 million. In fiscal year 2022 (from January to the end of November), retained earnings amounted to €433.7 million, equity amounted to €530.9 million, but liabilities amounted to €431.17 million.

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