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Extreme weather in the United States: fire, heat, monsoon – simultaneously

There is nothing to save here. The small town of Indian Falls in Northern California was completely destroyed by the Dixie fire. It is the largest of the dozens of wildfires currently occurring in Western America. Drought and drought reign for several weeks, with one heat wave after another causing high temperatures.

View of Spokane in Washington, D.C., north of the Pacific coast. People are looking to cool down to a good 40 degrees. The focus is on the health of adults. A team of local food-on-wheels delivery service serves food not only for seniors but also for fans. Unlike South America, air conditioning is rare here.

OT Sarah Hall, Meals on Wheels Spoken

“We do not use this heat in the north with our high humidity, so it affects us harder than in Arizona. So we tell the elders – if you’re not right, call for help. Drink plenty of water and take a bath. It’s better. Sit quietly and take a cool bath.”

Hundreds of people, mostly elderly people, died during the June heat in Canada and the United States. But the people at this nursing home in Spokane are not particularly worried.

O-Tones Seniors

“We have to get over it now. Next year everything will be back to normal.”

“It’s said to be due to global warming. But it could be something else.”

“I like about this: people are so lightly dressed and so pretty.”

In southwestern Arizona, on the other hand, the summers are generally hot, but the summers are dry, and it rains like a torrential downpour – leading to mud flooding at Grand Falls Falls, which is very rare this time of year.

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