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Mystery disease kills 67 captured wild horses

Mystery disease kills 67 captured wild horses


April 27, 2022 – 12:24 p.m. See

At least 67 wild horses have died of a highly contagious but previously unknown disease since Saturday at a U.S. agency facility in Colorado. Specialists and veterinarians are now trying to find the cause of the disease in animals.

You can see in the video how a wild horse enthusiast evaluates the eruption.

USA: Mysterious disease kills horses

Mysterious disease has erupted in the Canyon City Wild Horse and Pro Horses captive wild horses in Colorado. This facility is operated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a US agency that reports to the Ministry of the Interior. BLM spokesman Steven Hall told CNN that the disease could be spread faster because the animals were kept in a confined space.

The loss of so many wild horses in a few days also hurts the facility staff: “It will take a lot more for them. This is not the point anyone wants to be in terms of management and maintenance of wild horses.”

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Isolated horse facility

About 2,500 other wild horses live in the facility, and the sick animals are separated from the rest of the herd according to their symptoms. The whole facility is in isolation. According to media reports, veterinarians and experts are trying to find out what is behind the unknown disease that affects both the respiratory and nervous system of animals with the help of various studies. BLM spokesman Steven Hall fears in an interview with CBS: “More horses might die.”

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Power systematically catches wild horses

In the US state of Colorado, many wild horses still roam freely in public pastures controlled and managed by the Land Management Bureau. According to their report, this authority repeatedly removes surplus animals from wild herds to ensure that wild horses roam freely. Captured animals are then housed in facilities such as Canon City Wild Horse and Burrow Facility, which are then accepted by chance or placed in the facility. Nearly 4,400 animals have been captured since 1971, according to U.S. officials – which has been repeatedly criticized. (xas)

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