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F / LIST GMBH: On the path to success in research, development and innovations

F / LIST GMBH: On the path to success in research, development and innovations


“F/LIST GMBH stands for “Made in Lower Austria” innovations”

In 1950, Franz List Senior founded a small carpentry company in Buckleigh Welt. Today, F/LIST is one of the world’s most sought-after providers of luxury interior fittings for business jets, private jets, mega yachts and residences. Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, economic adviser Jochen Daninger, and head of the supervisory board of ecoplus LAbg.Labg.Klaus Schneeberger visited the company to the company’s headquarters in Thomasberg, Lower Austria, and discovered information about the in-house Future Lab, among other things.

From left: Engelbert Ringhofer, Mayor of Thomasberg Community, Chair of the ecoplus Supervisory Board, LAbg.Labg.Labg.Labg.Klaus Schneeberger, Managing Director Katharina List-Nagl, Jochen Danninger, Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Manfred Nagl, CEO, HILITECH GmbH , the authorized signatory of ecoplus Martin Fassel
Photo: © NLK Pfeiffer

“F/LIST GmbH stands for ‘Made in Lower Austria’ innovations and impresses with its continued entrepreneurial spirit and global success on which the company never counts. One reason for this innovative strength, Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner after the company’s tour, is the Future Lab, which will propel the company with Yellow and blue color in the future and managed to develop as the “cabin of the future”.

At F/LIST, research and development is part of the company’s strategy. Despite the challenges of 2020, nearly five million euros have been invested in this field. Thus, the company acts as an engine of innovation and an important source to drive growth and jobs in the region. Our task is to create the best possible framework conditions for our economic activities. But it is up to the companies themselves to reach their full potential. Jochen Daninger explains that the Menu family is a role model here. Starting at the Technopol site, Wiener Neustadt, the region has developed into one of the high-tech centers of Lower Austria. ecoplus Chairman of the LAbg Supervisory Board. Klaus Schneeberger: “Future-oriented global companies like F/LIST show how the spirit of research can also be lived in your own company and how cutting-edge technology leads to great success.”

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Research and innovation are part of the DNA of the lower Austrian family company, which is now managed by Katharina List-Nagl in the third generation: “The demands of our customers are constantly increasing. In addition, there are major global trends such as digitalization, climate goals, sustainability, the sharing economy, etc., which have an impact on markets and customer needs. It is therefore of paramount importance that we as a company actively engage with these future trends so that we can continue to react flexibly to influencing external factors.”

But innovations also need good ideas. Therefore, the company opened F/LIST futurelab in April 2020. An internal team of experts leads innovation projects forward and deals with new business models and product ideas. The team is currently working on an entirely new range of products that will expand the possibilities of creating multifunctional spaces in business jets. Future Lab F/LIST is the driving force behind the most ambitious ideas for the Cabin of the Future.

Commissioner signatory to ecoplus Martin Vessel: “As a state business agency, we have been a trusted partner to local businesses for more than 50 years, particularly when it comes to research and development. During the pandemic, it has become clear that research-oriented companies are surmounting challenges better. Much more than many other companies.”

More information: Office LR Danninger, Andreas Csar, phone 02742/9005-12253, email [email protected], or ecoplus business agency, Markus Stein Maßl, phone 02742/9000 196 19, email m. steinmassl @ ecoplus .at ;