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This is the SUV branch of Toyota Corolla «

This is the SUV branch of Toyota Corolla «

The compact SUV is already available in many markets around the world, and Toyota is now also bringing the Corolla Crossover to Europe.

5 a.m., Dec 9, 2021


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New Toyota Corolla Cross © Toyota

It’s getting a bit confusing in a group Toyota compact SUV: So we have it Crossover C-HR and classic RAV 4. It will come in the middle of next year Electro-SUV bz4X to me. Yes, and then we will have this as well from fall 2022 Corolla Cross. Even if the person with the Corolla only subscribes to the platform and the name.

The Cross is already available in many markets around the world with visual refinement depending on regional tastes and different engine types – and while you’re at it, you can instantly take Europe with you.

The cockpit features a 10.5-inch touch screen and 12.3-inch digital equipment Photo © TOYOTA

For more steering: With a length of 4.46 meters (1.83 meters wide, 1.62 meters high) and a wheelbase of 2.64 meters, it sits between the C-HR and RAV4, but it takes on a smaller footprint similar to the practical talents that Akbar has. brother. The trunk capacity is 487 liters.

487 liters of boot space is hidden behind the tailgate Photo © TOYOTA

However, what they all have in common is a hybrid drive: It consists of a 2-liter petrol engine and one or two electric motors, depending on how many axles you intend to drive. In the front-wheel drive version, the combustion engine has a power of 171 horsepower, as well as an electric motor of 83 kW.

In all-wheel drive, the gasoline engine is throttled to 152 hp and the auxiliary electric motor on the rear axle is at rest 42 hp. On both sides, the system produced 197 hp. Shifting in both cases is carried out via a continuously variable transmission.

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