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F1 2022: Hungaroring Fast Lap, Patch V1.06 with vehicle behavior improvements and force feedback – News

EA and Codemasters bring a new video of the current Formula 1 racing game and bring more comprehensive improvements with patch V1.06. You can read here what has changed, especially in the areas of vehicle behavior and feedback.

F1 2022: Hungaroring Fast Lap, patch V1.06 with improvements to vehicle behavior and forced feedbackF1 2022: Hungaroring Fast Lap, patch V1.06 with improvements to vehicle behavior and forced feedback ZoomF1 22All PhotosBefore Formula 1 takes a short summer vacation, there is another race this weekend at Hungaroring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot fight or a wet race, it should be exciting again. For those unfamiliar with the track, Codemasters has released a new video showing a fast lap aboard Williams Racing Alexander Albon’s FW44 at F1 2022 will be displayed.

A new patch was released this week as well. The changes associated with V1.06 are not only comprehensive in terms of bug fixes and patches, as a quick look at the changelog shows, but there are also a number of changes to handling and feedback made by David Greco, who serves as the Handling Group Administrator, sharing more information with All fans and tech lovers.

Innovations in engine torque, gear ratio, power feedback, and tire temperature

“The engine torque has been slightly modified: from a near-flat torque from 6000 to 10,000 rpm to a curve with a lower Nm limit and the torque increases gradually. This means that the engine torque is less at lower revs and the power increases gradually.

The gear ratio values ​​have been slightly corrected, especially in lower gears, so you can hold them for longer and thus improve traction.

F1 2022: Hungaroring Fast Lap, patch V1.06 with improvements to vehicle behavior and forced feedbackF1 2022: Hungaroring Fast Lap, patch V1.06 with improvements to vehicle behavior and forced feedback Zoom We’ve improved Force Feedback by adding self-adjusting tire torque to the overall calculation. The self-adjusting torque is very important as its maximum value is always reached before the maximum slip angle. This torque also works normally and the tire should adapt to it. In short, it achieves two things: The torque self-adjusting allows the torque to have a greater effect on the reaction to force along the center wheel position, making the applied forces more direct and felt. It also loses a lot of its natural torque once it hits its peak. This means that oversteering and oversteering can be felt better and sooner.

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We noticed that the tire’s overheating did not affect its grip enough. As of today’s update, tire pressures that are too high will have a negative impact on stability and lap times, especially after a few laps. We recommend using a tire pressure close to the standard value in order not to lose grip in racing because the tires’ interior and surface temperatures are very high.

However, the tire grip values ​​have not changed, which is why everything will be the same at the time of the trial, as tire temperatures do not affect the handling there.

F1 2022 – V1.06 Changes:
Vehicle performance in F1 22 has been further modified for the real season. As a result of this change, the F1 test leaderboards have been reset all along
– Low ICE/MGU-H attrition rate to make the use of automatic transmission less punishing
– Sector time indicators now show the predicted colors at the end of the round
-Improved AI logic when entering and exiting the pit lane
-Fixed an issue with the tire temperature returning after pausing the game in online game modes
– Fixed an issue where in some cases the self-driving safety car would overtake all AI-controlled cars, causing a mass disqualification
-Fixed an issue where personnel setup upgrades were not applied to drivers
-Fixed an issue where track grip could reduce by itself between qualifying sessions
– Fixed an issue in Baku where 15-year-old players could crash when taking a flying tour under AI control
– Fixed an issue where Tecpro barriers in Baku were resolved
– Color of sponsor stickers and decals can now be selected via a predefined color field
– General stability improvements
– A number of minor bug fixes.
-Marc now correctly mentions legendary drivers
– Fixed an issue where an incorrect graphics card could be selected when starting the game, which could cause the game to crash
– Game now loads correctly when using Intel graphics cards (subject to minimum requirements and models)
-Modified network session search, making NM14 errors less common
– The AI ​​icon has been removed from the time panel in the autonomous safety car stage
Kevin Magnussen eye color correction
Collisions are now correctly reported in UDP data

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Players career:
– Fixed an issue where players in a player career could not play beyond contract negotiations in some cases
-Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in players’ walks after a season break

My voice
-Improved sound effect when punching in F1 cars, now more audible
Improved performance and sound effects during tire wear and slip
– New sound effect has been added for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series cars
-Fixed an issue where the Racing Engineer could mention the Racing Point bug instead of Aston Martin
– Fixed an issue where headphones could not be selected as a wireless output device on PlayStation 4/5

– Fixed an issue with force feedback for several compatible Logitech wheels (G920, G29 and G923).
– Fixed an issue where the LED speedometer (tachometer) would not work on Logitech wheel mounts
– LSB and RSB buttons for Thrustmaster T248 / T128 wheels added to Xbox

– Improved performance when running the second screen in full screen mode
– Fix unwanted head movement when braking or accelerating
-Fixed an issue with Oculus Rift CV1 that occurred when stencil grid was enabled by default
– Default settings have been modified to improve general compatibility
– Graphical quality and performance improvements

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