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Stray got a Sailor Moon mod

Stray got a Sailor Moon mod

stray It is an indie game that has hit the gaming community like a bombshell. Both players and critics praise the game that follows a cat. Of course, it is not surprising that some mods are also busy expanding the gaming experience.

Among them is Sailor Moon Mod by ILikeDetectives and SkylightGlare. The default orange skin can be replaced with the mod for the three cute cats of Sailor Moon – Luna, Artemis and their daughter Diana. but that is not all. If you don’t like Luna’s red eyes, you can also choose skin with lavender eyes, for example. Artemis has his default dark blue and purple eyes, but you can choose green eyes for him as well.

All of them including Diana are very cute. They even have small crescent moon symbols on their foreheads. If magical girl beauty isn’t your thing, there are several reruns on NexusMods that you can play through Stray 100 times in different skins. Aren’t you a cat boy? Not a problem. There are also mods that replace a cat with a pig in Minecraft or prefer dogs that can go along with that happy dog ​​mod Also play with the dog. You can use one Edit first person Even without a personality completely.

Whatever your preference, the mod community can provide it. stray Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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