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Facilities for immune Premier League players

The vaccinated Premier League players can travel to their national teams during the upcoming international break. The league announced Friday that vaccinated soccer players will not be in hotel quarantine after international matches in a red-listed country. Instead, they are required to self-isolate for ten days in a “specially designed quarantine facility”, for example in a club building. They are then allowed to leave this facility once per day for training or play.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was furious at the list. “This does not look like a real solution to me,” the German said on Friday. According to Klopp, the players will be “constantly in bubbles” and will be separated from their families for a long time. “Brazil, Georgia and other countries are on the red list in England, but not France, Germany and Spain, for example,” Klopp said. “This is where players can come back and play right away. These countries can send their players (to international matches), come back and live a normal life.”

Klopp lacks league support

Klopp accused politicians of the process and made the league responsible. “I don’t expect the government to be 100% concerned with the situation in the Premier League and the needs of individual players,” the 54-year-old said. But the Premier League has to fight for its players. And that just isn’t the case.”

Last month, Liverpool sidelined several Brazilian players for non-international matches played in countries on the red list. As a result, at the insistence of the Brazilian Football Confederation, FIFA threatened to ban the affected professionals, but this was avoided at the last minute.

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