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Fans believe they have found GTA 6's actress Lucia

Fans believe they have found GTA 6's actress Lucia

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Fans think they've found Lucia's actress in GTA 6 © Rockstar Games (montage)

One of the big mysteries about GTA 6 is the cast of the main characters. Now fans think they've discovered Lucia's actress.

NEW YORK – At work Rock Games There is actually the highest level of secrecy. After many leaks around it GTA 6 This sounds ridiculous, but the development studio has always been known for its secrecy. There are often rumors surrounding new releases, especially about the actors playing the main characters. It's possible that the actress playing Lucia in GTA 6 has already been revealed.

You can read more about possible actress Lucia in GTA 6 here.

Anyone who plays a main character in GTA has a huge amount of work ahead of them, but they can become an icon for a generation of gamers. After Ned Locke (Michael), Steven Ogg (Trevor) and Sean Fonteno (Franklin) appeared as a trio in GTA 5, GTA 6 will only have two heroes.

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