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With these four relaxing games, you can start the year with peace and calm

With these four relaxing games, you can start the year with peace and calm

Really relax – you can also do this with a video game. Especially when it's not as hectic, you won't have to chase as many targets and defeat more enemies. Cozy Games is a type of video game that, as the term suggests, is all about comfort. These games are often decorated in pastel colours, have no opponents and give you plenty of time to play.

So it's about slowing down. We could all definitely use that in these trying times. That's why we'd like to recommend four of these relaxing games, all of which were released this year. Just turn your computer or console on and off. With these games, it's quick and easy.

Cat Café Manager For Nintendo Switch and PC

in Cat Café Manager You will play the role of a young woman who runs a cat café in a small village in a very dilapidated state. So your task is to renovate the guest room, decorate it beautifully and gradually expand the space so that the cafe truly flourishes.

More important than the customers are the cats that visit your café. They have special personalities and preferences that you should pay attention to – with cat-friendly food, cuddles and decorations. thereThe game is a combination of management and life simulation. You not only take care of your cozy café, but also maintain relationships with the villagers and of course with the four-legged visitors.

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All this happens in a calm atmosphere that gives you time to make the right decisions about your café. So is he Cat Café Manager Perfect for relaxing for a few hours and putting yourself in a place where the biggest issue is which cat will like it first.

Dave the diver For Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC

You're a diver living in a small village in the Caribbean – which sounds like a very comforting thing to do during the winter months. Dave, his namesake, lives a very quiet life. During the day, he explores the deep sea, collects fish and solves small tasks. In the evening he runs a sushi restaurant.

Your task is to take on the role of Dave. You can equip him so he can go on his adventures at sea, work on new recipes for the sushi restaurant or talk to villagers who can tell you an interesting story or two.

Dave the diver Thrives in the relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, from shifting from diving to the management aspects where you care about the success of your restaurant. The gorgeous pixel graphics are reminiscent of 16-bit games and can therefore evoke some feelings of nostalgia, especially for 90s gamers.

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Coffee Talk Episode 2 For Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, 5, Xbox Series, Mac and PC

Seattle in an alternate reality: Humans, elves, orcs, and other fantastical creatures live side by side—and face almost the same daily problems we do. Fortunately there is a café where you can really talk.

in Coffee discussion panel 2 You will once again take on the role of a barista in a cozy café that is especially popular at night. Your job is to prepare drinks while listening to people's stories, conversations, daily worries, dreams, relationships and life's challenges.

You influence the plot through the way you prepare drinks and respond to people's questions and stories. Decisions affect the course of the story and affect how the characters also interact with each other. Episode 2 The series introduces new stories and characters that are worth getting to know again.

Faye farm For Nintendo Switch and PC

Faye farm It is, as its name suggests, a farm simulator where you have to take care of your farm, with everything related to it: growing fruits and vegetables, taking care of animals or taking care of the further processing of products. You can also talk to the residents of the nearby town.

What's unique about the game is that magic plays a role here. For example, in the form of a magical fertilizer that can transform your harvested fruits, thus changing their properties and effect on your personality. This is especially useful in mines, where you have to fight your way through different levels using spells to get better items or brew magic potions.

And so on Faye farm An action-packed segment, but it rarely becomes hectic. In fact, it makes the quieter part of the farm and conversations with the villagers more comfortable. in Faye farm You can spend many hours shaping your garden exactly the way you want it.

These 9 video games will help you switch off:

These nine video games will help you switch off for a while

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