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Fantasy star Freddy: ‘I used to clean toilets’

Fantasy star Freddy: ‘I used to clean toilets’

Finally they are back! With their album “Songs From Our Lives” these guys fantasies It has stormed the iTunes and Amazon charts in the past few days. Now Freddy and Martin can make a good living from their music. However, there was also a time before a singing career. How did the two earn their bread at that time?

The profession of fantasy is very fascinating. Together, they sold several million records. They also stormed when they were four albums the top of the charts. They recently succeeded in producing ‘10,000 Color Balloons’. In a song duel on, Fantasy recently proved his script security.

Martin from Fantasy: Party Instead of Work

But there was also a time before their careers for Freddie and Martin. How did the two make money before? When asked about the crazier job between the two, Martin answered in an interview with . application: “I trained as a painter and painter for a year.” At the time he was renovating a major nightclub in Dinslaken with the company. But perhaps the money was not enough for the singer at that time: Martin wanted to work as a parking attendant in front of the site. However, during the opening, Martin realized that he did not feel like doing the job. Immediately he changed his clothes and went to the disco to celebrate. “It was a little crazy. I didn’t gain anything that evening,” the singer recalls.

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Freddy’s Fantasy: His Fun Job At The Hotel

Freddy was also allowed to have a special activity in his life. “I used to clean toilets,” the fictional star revealed to app. In his mid-twenties, Freddy was working in a hotel at the time. The job I really enjoy. It was also a very educational time for Freddy: “I learned a few tricks from the hotel cleaning method. That’s why I always clean when I move into a new room.” So, dear hoteliers, take care of yourself. Eagle-eye Freddy sees every mess in the toilet.

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