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Estelle from Sweden: A Dad's Daughter Journey: Here she is beaming at Daniel's side

Estelle from Sweden: A Dad’s Daughter Journey: Here she is beaming at Daniel’s side

Bright eyes and a big smile: In this picture she is beaming Estelle from Sweden (9) happily! The joy of the little princess has a special cause. For Valentine’s Day (February 14), she has Estelle with her father Daniel Sweden (48) spent. On the day of their father and daughter, the prince and his companion little princess Goes well in a Stockholm restaurant. This resulted in the adorable shot showing Estelle beaming at her father’s side. The Swedish father and daughter duo is simply to die for!

On the road without mom Victoria and her brother Oscar: In the video above, watch the beautiful shot of Estelle from Sweden with dad Daniel.

Swedish Victoria: Your kids will charm in a double pack

On Valentine’s Day, Estelle apparently enjoyed time with her dad. But the princess doesn’t just shine next to Daniel: By the way For Lucia Festival (December 13) The magic of Estelle with her little brother Oscar (5) – He wore special clothes. As Estelle smiles for the camera in her white dress, the Little Prince smiles mischievously in his Santa Claus costume. Sweet sugar shot for the two kids Crown Princess Victoria (44) Excited!

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