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Fascination with Musicals: Raymond Theater on ORF III

Fascination with Musicals: Raymond Theater on ORF III

(C) VBW: ORF III brings musical focus to the reopening of Raimund Theater at United Bühnen Wien.

who – which Raymond Theater It opens its doors again to all music lovers. After extensive renovation work to the historic theater in District VI, the Vienna United Theaters is finally putting on great performances once again in the building that opened in 1893.

Fascination with musicals

ORF III accompanies the reopening of Raimund Theatre. The main musical focus kicks off September 24th with “Culture Today Show”. In the special edition of “Kultur heute,” ORF III presenter Ani Gülgün-Mayr visits the newly renovated theater building from 7.45pm, asks VBW Managing Director Franz Patai and asks VBW Music Director Christian Strubek and architect Roman Maramor for an interview. In addition, the new musical category “Fascination Musical” celebrates its premiere on ORF III.

(C) Barbara Nidetzky: Musical star Ana Milva Gomes guest in the opening episode of “Fascination Musical.”

Singer, actress and presenter Elisabeth Engstler offers six-week insights into everyday artistic life at Vereinigte Bühnen Wien on Friday 24 September and meets music stars for an interview. Anna Milva Gomez, who will also host the opening ceremony at the Raymond Theater along with VBW Music Director Christian Strubek, is a guest in the opening sequence.

Grand Opening Ceremony Live On ORF III

The house will celebrate the grand opening with a grand opening ceremony. “Raimund’s Grand Theater Opening Ceremony” features the most popular tunes from VBW’s internationally successful musicals such as “Elisabeth” and “Mozart!” and “Rebecca”, “Dance of the Vampires” and “I am from Austria”, but also other musical classics such as “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Les Misérables” or “Jesus Christ Superstar” on stage. Accompanied by the Vienna United Bohnen Orchestra, Maya Hackfort, Anna Milva Gomez, Milica Jovanovic, Karin Filipsic, Mark Seibert, Lukas Berman, Drew Saric, Ricardo Greco, Vanessa Heinz and Oedo Kuipers provide this incredible journey through the world of musicals.

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ORF III will broadcast the musical event live on Sunday, September 26, 2021 from 8:15 pm on “Erlebnis Bühne LIVE”. Beginning at 7:40 p.m., “Kultur heute” will report in a special edition of Raymond Theatre’s “Red Carpet”. The cast of ‘Culture Today’ asks the stars on the red carpet for an interview, takes another look at the renovations completed at the Raimund Theater and gives initial insights into the new season.

Raymond Theater has been completely renovated

The famous venue for musicals has been completely renovated. During work on the facade and surface renovation, the theater’s original lettering was rediscovered. The house, founded in 1893 by an association of 500 citizens of Mariahilf, is known locally and internationally for its high-quality production.

During the renovations, the seats were also completely renovated. This means that dynamic room designs will be possible in the future. A central visitor toilet has been installed in the basement of the Raymond Theatre