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"ALLE ATTENTION" brings the right flair to Villach in 5 minutes

“ALLE ATTENTION” brings the right flair to Villach in 5 minutes

Energetic, positive and exciting hits the point when you want to describe all the attention! At most the five musicians since their single “Liebeslieder”, which was released in the summer of 2019, have become an integral part of the local music scene.

But who is behind the name “All Respect”?

The band, originally founded in Taal in 2014, have made a name for themselves with songs like “Es ist Zeit,” “Hol mich Raus hier” and their album “Wir II Planet,” as they navigate the worlds of mainstream pop and alternative rock. There have been some changes to the lineup since inception, but since 2018, the five authentic musicians Christian Stani, Max Peder, Patrick Frisinger, Robert Feigl and moody Italian pack Romina Denaro have been a committed team that has made its way full of passion and great shared visions go. And you can feel it in their songs. The band made big progress in 2019 with the songs “Nowhere Else” and “Liebeslieder”. This was followed by an appearance on radio and television.

All due respect brings the right atmosphere to the old town with their song “Mary”

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“The stars are good…”

…at least if you believe in star astrologer Gerda Rogers. This plays in the new music video from ALLE ACTUNG. The song “Mary” was released last year and rocked many dance floors. The song with catchy chromatic potential quickly pulls the listener under its spell, and the polyphonic “I just want you to dance…” is the credo of party night! “Villach is just the right place to celebrate these songs of summer in the cozy living room” GEMMA President Mark Germshausen convinced.

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Summer feeling in Villach

“What do you associate with summer? Of course the sun, the mild temperatures, that light, the feeling of relaxation and freedom. It’s vacations, all life seems more relaxed and comfortable. This summer is still different. As we all know, there is still a global pandemic that calls for caution.” Deputy Mayor and Cultural Adviser Gerda Sanderser. “It is against this background that I am glad that there are initiatives – in this case, the Gemma Association and Marc Germeshausen – that are still trying to support this special summer feeling in Villach. In this case, it is a music festival in the entire city center and a concert on the Rathausplatz”, As Sandresser says in conclusion.

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