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Fast coach Feldhofer after 1-1 in the Vienna derby: 'A step in the right direction' - Bundesliga

Fast coach Feldhofer after 1-1 in the Vienna derby: ‘A step in the right direction’ – Bundesliga

subordinate SK Rapid Vienna Can also in the eighth BundesligaDerby at Allianz Stadium does not beat Vienna Austria. New coach Ferdinand Feldhofer had to settle for one point in his first match as coach of the Whites. The native of Styria was already satisfied with a few stages of the game.

Feldhofer: “Because of the frequency of chances, we deserved to win early”

After his first match as a fast coach, Ferdinand Feldhofer said: “This start was unexpected. Accordingly, we showed incredible morale, how we reacted to it after that and how we appeared after that. In stages, it was already how I imagine it would be. The morale of the boys was great. Especially In the first half. In the second half we may have been praised for the pace. Actually a very good game. “We wanted to win, of course, so we are not completely satisfied, but it was a step in the right direction,” Styrian said in an interview with Sky.

And about Austria’s quick goal scored by Braunuder in the first minute, Feldhofer said: “Unbelievable scene. He hit the ball and suddenly the ball rolled into the far corner. Terrible situation of course but as I said we dealt with it brilliantly. Then we followed our plan. We defended forward. We were active, But unfortunately we didn’t reward each other. I think both goals were more personal mistakes. However, due to the frequency of opportunities, we deserved to win.”

In addition, the new coach suffered from a lack of luck: “We also had a shot off the crossbar. We have to work hard for this. It’s just a tough phase, but you have to get out of it together and then we come out stronger.”

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Feldhofer is waiting for a lot of work over the next few days: “Now we have to see what the condition of the injured is. After that, the preparation for the match will be completely normal. We do not take into account that. We now have four days and that is enough.”

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Photo: Joseph Barak