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Kendall on the podium in a sprint race in Sochi

Former world champion Wolfgang Kendl took the podium in his first bobsleigh World Cup season on Sunday. The Tyrolean finished third in the sprint race. In the only third place of the weekend for the Austrian Skis Association (ÖRV), he was 0.05 seconds behind winner Dominic Fischnaler (ITA). In the women’s class, Madeleine Eagle of Tyrol came in 0.186sec from third in fifth place.

Eagle, winner of the Olympic dress rehearsal in the opening match of the World Cup, climbed two places in the final. But the fifth mistake in turn, which was repeated in the sprint, prevented us from getting better positions. World champion Julia Tubitz took the start by 0.368 seconds over German teammate Natalie Geisenberger, while Latvia’s Kendija Abargod came third. Taubitz made the double a little later with first place in the sprint. 11th (+0.875) Hannah Brook also qualified for the top-15 sprint sprint, and she was there before the ninth (0.280) Egle (0.206). On the other hand, Lisa Schulte had to settle for 16th place after a final final failure.

Kindl finished fifth in the long single-seat race the day before as Austrian best, in the sprint race only the South Tyrolean Fischnaller and Russian Repilow (0.039 back) were faster. Jonas Müller of Vorarlberg finished ninth (0.122). David Gleirscher was not allowed to start after his fall the day before.

In the two-seat sprint race, Yannick Müller and Armin Fraucher were fourth, 13 milliseconds behind Germany’s Robin Gueck and third-placed David Jam. Latvian Andres and Joris Six defeated Russians Alexander Deniso and Ladislao Antonov.

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men’s sprint race:
1. Dominic Fischner ITA 34833
2. Roman Rebello Russians + 0.039
3. Wolfgang Kindle or 0.050
4. Max Langenhan gear 0,060
5. Alexander Gorbazowicz Russians 0,080
6. Johannes Ludwig gear 0.089
9. Jonas Muller or 0.122
14. Nico Glaisher or 0.268
1. Julia Tobitz gear 1: 39434
2. Natalie Geisenberger gear + 0,368
3. Kendija Aparjode Years 0422
4. Anna Berreiter gear 0,497
5. Madeline Eagle or 0.608
6. Elisa Teruma Years 0.644
11. Hannah Brooke or 0.875
16. Lisa Schulte or 1,080
1. Julia Tobitz gear 31743
2. Summer Preacher United States of America + 0.021
3. Diana Eitberger gear 0.032
4. Kendija Aparjode Years 0.036
5. Anna Berreiter gear 0.129
6. Natalie Geisenberger gear 0.155
9. Hannah Brooke or 0,206
10. Madeline Eagle or 0,280
Two-seater enemy:
1. Anders Six / Joris Six Years 31385
2. Alexander Deniso / Vladislav Antonov Russians + 0.038
3. Robin Gueck / David Jam gear 0.068
4. Yannick Muller / Armin Fraser or 0.089
5. Christopher Mazdzer / Jason Terdiman United States of America 0113
6. Andrey Bogdanov / Gauri Prokoro Russians 0.173

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