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Fast-paced racing away from the screen with Mario Karts from Carrera RC

Fast-paced racing away from the screen with Mario Karts from Carrera RC

The fast-paced video game hero Mario is also ready for a hot off-screen race. In Mario Kart Cars by Carrera RC, he takes center stage in the home’s living room and children’s room.

Thanks to the original license from Nintendo, the lifelike gigs look just like their digital counterparts and make a good impression on collectors’ show.

in the new Carrera RC Mario Kart Pipe Kart Mario gives a lot of gas in the children’s room cycle! The ultra-light tubed kart is a classic in Mario Kart Video games now also bring a lot of racing action away from the screen. As a Carrera RC Kart, it’s still strong enough to withstand fearsome blue tank attacks. The kart is not only eye-catching in racing, but thanks to plenty of power under the hood, it also has the best chances of getting a place on the podium. Thanks to the original Nintendo license, the lovingly designed hero looks very similar to his digital role model. With a reach of 9 km / h, Mario appears in the race with up to 15 other drivers who have secured a podium place. Hot races last up to 30 minutes before the 3.2V 320mAh LiFePo4 battery is charged for 50 minutes using the supplied USB cable. Thanks to the fully functional control technology, Mario is easy to drive even for beginners from 6 years old. This is how Mario brings home the Mushroom Cup in full force!

with the new RC Mario Kart Racing Bumble V, Mario Mario fans young and old from 6 years old go crazy. In his mobile phone which is about 25.5 cm long, known from the popular Mario Kart Video games, nothing can stop him. The little race driver navigates the living room and children’s room for up to 20 minutes. The fully built-in LiFePo4 battery powers up again after a brief 50-minute charge cut and brings Mario to the power finish line. With top speeds of up to 9 km/h, it moves quickly around every corner. Remarkable is the fact that the headlights are glowing, which allows Mario to have perfect visibility even while racing at night. In addition, Mario is dynamically skewed in the direction of travel. Thanks to the interference-free 2.4GHz radio technology, up to 16 drivers can start the local Pilz Cup at the same time.

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Like all Carrera RC Mario Kart cars, the newest member of the family is “ready to run” and start their races right out of the box. Battery, charging cable, controller and batteries for controllers are included and ready to use.

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