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AirTags erhalten Update des Updates von letzter Woche

AirTags is receiving an update from last week’s update

An apple another night Programming– AirTags update distribution has begun. This new update is an updated version of the new software that has been rolling out for micro-tracking users since last week.

Apple has started distributing a new version of the software for AirTags. This is a new version of the software that has been distributed to AirTags owners since last week, reported. The updated version of the software has build number 1A291c, and it is not clear what kind of changes will result compared to the initially distributed version. However, it is possible that Apple only fixed the remaining errors and problems related to use. AirTags’ first major update implemented additional precautions to help prevent unauthorized stalking.

AirTags cannot be updated manually

AirTags receive updates automatically. As long as you’re within range of your paired iPhone, updates are downloaded and installed automatically, usually a few days after the new version is released.

The software cannot be updated Manually force or block them. So the process of updating AirTags is similar to distributing updates for different Apple models of the AirPods family.

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