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Fast scorer Grüll after the 333rd derby in Vienna: “Austria can live better with 1-1 from us” – Bundesliga

For the fourth time in a row, Austria and Rapid participated in the Derby with a draw. While Hütteldorfer is still in the top half of the table, violets remain in the last place on the table. after this Bundesliga– But the match, it was the green eggs who mourned the victory. Especially the scorer Marco Grol.

“A very chaotic game with few chances”

Rapid coach Didi Kohbauer told Sky after the derby: “It wasn’t a big game for both teams. We made a lot of ball errors in our game. We came back with a goal in the second half and were the better team at the time, but it wasn’t like we had chances.” Great. But after the thirteenth game, I have to protect the team. I was already at the limit. So we have to take 1:1 with us.”

Fast goalkeeper Paul Gartler said: “It was very shaggy. Both teams fought really well. With us I saw, especially in the first half, that we had left a lot of our energy from Thursday. Unfortunately for us only 1:1. We have to deal With this point with us anyway.”

Marco Grol, the top scorer after the first derby, said: “Austria can live better with a 1-1 draw than we can. A very chaotic game with few chances.”

“We create a lot of chances and then it’s easy to score goals. Let’s hope it continues like this,” the Salzburg native says of his personal life.

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From Ligaportal, Photo: GEPA/ADMIRAL