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Continuing the success of Walfort - Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Continuing the success of Walfort – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Wolf Wolfort has never won against Leuterach in the Elite League – and that has to change. With an undisputed 3-0, Baur-Elf defended the championship lead and won at home in a prestige duel.

Wolfort started the game optimally: after losing the ball in the building of Lothrach, Benjamin Neubauer grabbed the ball and presented it to Aleksandar Umjinovic after a good dribble. This failed due to goalkeeper Nicolas Mohr – but his defense accidentally clapped Sani Moussa’s foot: his own goal. Wolfort continued to put pressure on Ediano Lima, and Ediano Lima could only be stopped by unfair means by Loutterach’s defensive division. And if it can’t be stopped, it will often be dangerous. Shortly before halftime: The Brazilian started a full half-game at Lotirach, captain Timothy Rist used his mold with great confidence in the first half 2-0 at the far corner (44).

Substitute Mecahit Ozdemir finally put the end to end after Lima surrendered (66th place), and Lothrach goalkeeper Mohr prevented an even bigger defeat. “Winning a derby is always great, it was a great team performance!” said Walfort coach Joachim Bauer happily. Still, she’s down to earth, says Burr: “We’re not crazy just because we’re at the top of the table. We’re happy about the situation and we’re trying to stay focused.” FB

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