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Faster and sleeker: G.Skill showcases the new DDR5-8800 and Royal Elite

Faster and sleeker: G.Skill showcases the new DDR5-8800 and Royal Elite

G.Skill introduces its latest DDR5 memory at Computex and continues to run the clock. Among other things, the group with 8800 mt/s timing 40-52-52-140-192 is new. The kit is shown with a total capacity of 2 x 24GB = 48GB.

Clock from 2,200MHz to the memory controller in order to then reach 4,400MHz to the memory and finally the transfer rate of 8,800MB/s, but many Raptor Lake and Alder Lake processors shouldn’t be able to do that. Raptor Lake already achieves higher memory clock rates, but here too a limit of 7,200 MT/s has been reached that not every processor can easily handle. Everything over 8,000 megabits/sec is only possible with very select processors – let alone 8,800 megabits/sec.

Quantities of the Trident Z5 RGB should be limited and it cannot be guaranteed that every processor will also launch with an EXPO profile for DDR5-8800.

In addition, G.Skill will also soon introduce the Trident Z Royal series of DDR5 memory. The concrete specifications of the groups, such as clock rates and timing, are not yet available. But the new heatsink can already be seen.

Units “shimmer” with silver or gold. RGB lighting is housed under frosted-look acrylic glass. The heat spreader has smaller and larger pyramid-shaped elements on the side, which can refer to the core DDR5 chips.

It is not yet known when the fast Trident Z5 combo with DDR5-8800 and Trident Z Royal series will be available in stores.

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