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Apple watchOS 9 Zifferblätter

watchOS 9 is available to everyone on September 12

Matching the new Apple Watches, the new watchOS 9 will also be released soon. Apple announced September 12 as the launch date for the event at today’s event.

As in previous years, Apple revealed its new Apple Watch operating system, this year watchOS 9, at last WWDC. Now that’s completed over the summer so it’s ready for the official release. This will be on September 12, the company announced in its opening speech today.

The update will most likely activate at 7 PM. The only requirement for installation is that iOS 16 is already running on the iPhone used to start the update. But you should also expect delays due to server overload and plan more time for updates.

watchOS 9: This is new

This year, watchOS has had to settle for fewer innovations.

Most of the things happened in the training app. There you’ll now find new views, such as an overview of heart rate zones or activity rings. Also, if you do exercise like cycling or running outdoors a lot, you can try to beat your last or best exercise. It is now also possible to create medication reminders. There is also further development in sleep logging, you can now get an overview of individual sleep stages.

Apple also added some watch faces and the Calendar app now shows more information.

Would you like to get more details about watchOS 9? You can find this at first Public beta testing From my colleague Jonas.

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