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Fatal mountain accident in the wild bar - SALZBURG24

Fatal mountain accident in the wild bar – SALZBURG24

Tragedy on the mountain

The family had set out for a hike in Oberodorf

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A man from the family fell to his death in a mountain accident in Wildbarren near Oberaudorf. (Icon image)

A tragic mountain accident occurred on Sunday afternoon in the Bavarian town of Oberodorf (Rosenheim district). A man from a family was killed in the process.

According to the police, a family (father, mother and son) from Hesse took a walk in the wild pub on Sunday. She wanted to climb the 1448-meter-high mountain from Gasthof Bekleressi.

Father drops bullion

Then the accident occurred while descending the northwestern road. For some previously unexplained reason, the father fell down a steep slope of about 80 meters, turned several times, and finally collided with a tree, where he remained lying down.

The victim dies at the site

The son, who immediately descended to the fall victim, made the emergency call. Rescue workers from Bergwacht-Oberodorf and Brunnenburg immediately set off for the site of the accident. At first, the emergency doctor, who was transported by the rescue helicopter, resurrected him, but had to stop it unsuccessfully. The victim died at the scene and was rescued by a police helicopter.

The mother and son of the 66-year-old victim were taken care of on site by the Crisis Intervention Team. The investigations were carried out by police officers from the Alpine Task Force of the Rosenheim Presidium.

(Source: SALZBURG24)

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