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Police remove roadblocks in East Jerusalem

Police remove roadblocks in East Jerusalem

After nights of violent clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Israeli police cleared a park around the Old City in occupied Jerusalem. While several hundred Palestinians demonstrated at the Amoud Gate to the Old City on Sunday evening, police officers allowed the removal of the roadblocks in front of the Corniche. The policemen announced over the loudspeaker that access was open to all.


Protests have been going on in the Old City of Jerusalem for several days

There have been three successive violent clashes between Palestinians and police since Thursday. The trigger was a demonstration by far-right Israelis who roamed the Old City chanting “Death to the Arabs.” Previously, tensions between Muslim Palestinians and Jewish Israelis were fueled by a series of videos. Show how young Arabs attack ultra-Orthodox Jews and how extremists harass Arab Jews in the streets at night.

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