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Father’s Day: Xi sets the father as a role model in life, work and government

Beijing (@ots/PRNewswire) A good example is the best advice. For Chinese President Xi Jinping, the words and deeds of his father, Xi Zhongxun, are a great family legacy that is deeply etched in Xi’s attitude to life, work, and governance and inspires him to solemnly fulfill his duties to the nation and the people.

Over the years, Xi Zhongxun has taught his son three important lessons: cultivating close relationships with people, emphasizing research and research, and practicing thrift and hard work.

Xi Jinping clearly explained what it means to maintain close relationships with people.

During one summer, Xi Zhongxun visited 21 counties in the sweltering heat to learn about the local situation. Xi Jinping, who was then a student at Tsinghua University, went to the county with his father to participate in social exercise activities. He was influenced by his father’s realistic way of working.

The proposal for the drafting of the 14th Five-Year Plan was published on November 3, 2020. To this end, Xi Jinping went to Jilin and other places to investigate one by one, and chaired seven seminars. He said: “Without investigation there is no right to speak, let alone make a decision.”

What Xi Jinping learned from his father was thrift and hard work.

Xi Jinping once recalled his childhood and said that his worn out clothes were being repaired rather than thrown away, and that he and his younger brother were wearing clothes and shoes that their older sisters had given them.

Several times during his inspection trips, Xi decided to spend the night on the train to reduce the expenses of local authorities. As for traveling abroad, he said accommodation should not be lavish.

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Xi said that although living conditions have greatly improved these days, the spirit of hard work should be maintained. The whole Chinese people demanded the transfer of the saving treasure and the abandonment of opulence.

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