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Favorite FM4 songs with AARØN

Favorite FM4 songs with AARØN

Aaron writes good lyrics and his second name has the word “funky.” You don't need to know anything else, except: make a big note of it!

Written by Lisa Schneider

There are people you meet and it clicks. Aaron is such a person. In other words, people with whom you can easily talk about ice cream flavors as well as the morning news. Speaking of tomorrow, Aaron is not only fit, he is a very early riser because he never wakes up late. He doesn't like it much anyway, but he loves his morning ritual: first go out on the balcony, inhale, exhale, then eat some avocado and tomato. Very cool, very conscious music, and the music falls somewhere in between.

Each month the FM4 Soundpark editorial team selects an act or band and then the crown is announced. AARØN is our FM4 Soundpark show this June because we really like what he's done so far and firmly believe that everything will get a little better. Anyone who doesn't know the song “Brenne” – and the exclusive FM4 session version at the time – has not lived. Don't worry, we offer:

“If you want, I'll burn like fire for you,” or: “If you want, I'll be hot for you,” all of this is so stupid that it's cool again. “I said that once, yes!” Aaron laughed in response to the really serious compliment, feeling a little good about it anyway. Good people are those who don't take their own things and everything they create too seriously. Leave interpretations of the songs open, and looking back, you can even explain your musical taste this way. “Everyone's got a little light in the sun,” he then cites the old group's Parliament in one of the next breaths, “That's so stupid again, but it's also true.” Like the best things in life.

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Why does Aron quote Parliament? Because we're sitting in our favorite song studio on FM4 and pondering which Pepeza song is truly the best. The question was different anyway (“At which concert do you always stand in the front row?”), but then the discussion begins anyway, and AARØN sticks to “Schick mit Scheck,” and that brings us back to the starting point (simple, true).

Lisa Schneider/FM4

He's laughing and he's just a great studio guest: Aaron.

“Yes, it may be basic, but that's about it.” Aaron feels the full energy of Pepeza in a very different way than all of us because he is currently a live guitarist in Pepe's band. Great appearance on social media, don't miss the beautiful paint, leather and sweats of these shows (soon to be seen at LIDO SOUNDS in Linz!). I ask him if this inspires him when he sees how Franz perceives it all. So how does he think about it, about being young, about starting his career, about success.

He believes, fairly and without arrogance, that's exactly what he's here for, says Aaron. To make music. To get the chance to play live and then go one step further. He wants to incorporate more performing arts into his live shows, so at some point these are going to be some serious events. He quotes – not in words, but in images – “The Doors” or “Golden Lemons”, and then we shake the Sunday weariness out of our ears with their more humble songs. excellent.

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