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FBI warns of software vulnerabilities – highest levels of risk

FBI warns of software vulnerabilities – highest levels of risk

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At the beginning of the year, Microsoft alone closed 100 security holes. However, the danger to users is not avoided.

Germany – In February as well as in March, Microsoft delivered a number of updates on Patch Day – thus filling several critical vulnerabilities in its software. It’s not unusual for a company to provide security updates on what’s called Patch Day. On the other hand, the warning from BSI does. how RUHR24* Reported, Federal Office granted the highest levels of risk possible.

Federal Office Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
umbrella organization Federal Ministry of Interior and Homeland
foundation January 1, 1991

The FBI warns of vulnerabilities: Install Microsoft updates as soon as possible

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) rarely sets a risk level of 5. But the gaps closed according to BSI 71 are dangerous: they can be high computer picture It is exploited to execute arbitrary malicious code on behalf of the user, even with administrator privileges. Attackers can also circumvent security measures, paralyze an entire computer, or alter or steal data.

Every second Tuesday of the month is Patchday at Microsoft. The company regularly provides updates to its software on this day and also patches security vulnerabilities.

The last two days of correction in February and March 2022 became noisy chip But it has logged an unusually high volume of security updates. how inside security You mentioned that there are more than 120 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, nearly 100 of which are critical or significant.

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BSI Vulnerability Warning: Don’t Delay Updates on Windows

Windows 10, 11, Office, Windows Defender, and many other software updates are included. But the sheer number of “security solutions” aren’t decisive, he explains chip.

But the vulnerabilities that were closed this time were clearly dangerous: BSI urgently warned against installing updates as quickly as possible – because only then would users be protected from online attacks.

Users can become victims of an attack by opening a tampered file, email, or website. However, it is often difficult for the average person to recognize what these things are. It is therefore advisable to install the provided updates quickly (additional files Warnings on RUHR24).

Updates fill security holes in Windows: How to install them correctly

So that not only the operating system, but also other Microsoft programs are provided with updates, he advises computer picture Complete as follows:

  • Press Windows key and i key,
  • Click Update & Security (Windows 10) or Windows Update (Windows 11),
  • Then in the Advanced Options, make sure that the Get updates for other Microsoft products when updating Windows or Receive updates for other Microsoft products option is turned on.

Then install any available updates and restart your computer. But it’s not only PC users who are threatened again and again either Android users prefer to delete 14 apps immediately*.

Some common known issues categorized as “Important” affect Visual Studio, the Remote Desktop client, and the Windows Fax and Scan service. There are three more weaknesses rated as critical aloud chip However, it is not yet known to the public. * RUHR24 is part of the Editing Network IPPEN.MEDIA.

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