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FC Admira - TSV Hartberg 1:3 - Klaus Schmidt's relief: "It took a long time but it's over now" - Bundesliga

FC Admira – TSV Hartberg 1:3 – Klaus Schmidt’s relief: “It took a long time but it’s over now” – Bundesliga

With Round 6 in the qualifying group, after SCR Altach (In the Lask 1: 2) also FC Flyer Alarm Admira capture. The Panthers suffered their first defeat in the last round. with 1: 3 against TSV Hartburg, who in turn celebrated his first win of the new calendar year, and at the same time also new coach Klaus Schmidt’s first three wins. The East Styrians surrendered in round 28 of Admiral of the Bundesliga The Red Lantern is back in the country. Here’s a word of donations from the southern part of town.

FC Flyeralarm Admira – TSV Egger Glas Hartberg 1:3 (0:2)

gates: 0-1 (23 minutes) Hill, 0-2 (33 minutes) Tadic, 0-3 (75 minutes) Paintzel, 1-3 (90 minutes) Mustafa. SR: Andreas Hess. Yellow and red card: Zwierschitz (Admira, 35.)

Andreas Herzog (Coach Admira)About…

the game: “We knew we had a great chance. We were very inconsistent in the game today – except for the first 15 minutes, where we started very well, we have to go 10 with this huge opportunity. Very careless. Then he will be punished. It was a game where you aimed as a coach. And as a team because you know we have a great chance. But I have to honestly say we don’t deserve each other anymore. It’s our fault that we lost the match.”

Judgment performance: “We had our chances in the first 20 minutes. Then we made mistakes that changed the rules of the game and then you lost the game. There’s no point in being upset about any refereeing decisions now. We didn’t put the quality of play on the pitch like we did last week. It made sense not to go unbeaten for weeks. We’ve now suffered a bitter setback. We have to see that we can wipe him out again at Red.”

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Reflection on Joseph Ganda

…The Second yellow card against Zurich: “The second one wasn’t a yellow card for me. In hindsight I can’t change anything. The truth is we didn’t play cleanly compared to Hartburgers. It wasn’t good enough today.”

What should be changed: “I hope Joseph Ganda’s performance isn’t too bad. The crash didn’t look nice. He’s currently in the hospital. He was unconscious. I hope nothing is broken. From the team and from me she says: All the best! This is the most important thing to me. No longer We can change the game and the outcome. On Tuesday we have the opportunity to do a much better job.

Klaus Schmidt (Coach TSV Hartberg)About

victory: “It took a long time but now it’s over, that’s how I was going. It was a very difficult time. After my neck-cuff against Admira last Saturday, it was a real achievement to get the whole team together again, put them together again and believe in the story. We sat down on The Monday after a very difficult Easter Sunday, we spoke in plain text and decided to present the brave TSV Hartberg on Saturday and today. We succeeded. But this is just a three-point step up and nothing more.”

… whether it’s the same Already doubted she has: “I had no doubts because I’ve been in this situation again or again. This often doesn’t work overnight. Maybe we were a little unlucky in the Altach, the last time we lacked a little luck at the last minute. Those were points that simply didn’t want To be paid, and today a lot came together. But the brave performance of the team in particular clearly reflects our goal today. I am very happy for the boys because things are going that way.”

Turpan finally broke after more than 700 minutes!

What worked today: “We just wanted to score the first goal. We waited more than 700 minutes to score a goal and today we made 3. These are points that help us, but we will keep our feet and see that we can do more on Tuesday. There is no reason to explode in joy, but we have to see that we integrate step by step” .

…The First half title: “We showed the pictures at half-time. That was another record we set. Maybe that was a little brick that got us to the top.”

The meaning of victory: “It’s 3 points and we know we can win matches. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“We were rewarded today”

Dario Tadic (TSV Hartberg)About

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the game: “The whole story is very emotional. It took a long time before I could write again. But in the situation we are in now, it is only important that we get the three points. It doesn’t really matter who scores the goals. I am very happy that I was able to do my turn.”

What worked today: “We always plan to do a lot before every game. Speech is always appropriate and the whole game plan is always in order. Today we felt we could have gone 1-0 down again after 5 minutes. That was probably a wake-up call. After that we didn’t let anything go on.” Alright, or rather we pushed ourselves and rewarded ourselves.”

Internal discussions in the team: “We’ve had a lot of discussions in the team. It looks like it’s working now. I’m glad we got 3 points today. Now it’s important to top up on Tuesday.”

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Statement source: SKY

Image credit: Joseph Barak