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FC Bayern Munich: Wicked action against Sané – watched live on TV

FC Bayern Munich: Wicked action against Sané – watched live on TV

Strong performance against Benfica: Bayern star Leroy Sane.

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Bayern Munich celebrated a successful return to Lisbon. At Benfica there was a 4-0 victory. Evening Man: Leroy Sane.

Lisbon – Good things take time. Nobody knows this better than Leroy Sane. The wing rider took a long time to get used to in Munich. He was repeatedly criticized, and was not able to consistently bring his performances to the field. But perhaps it was the evening of October 20, 2021 that finally heralded the tipping point.

Sane presented himself as hard as a bear in Bayern Munich’s Lisbon appearance. Quick dribbling, clever passes, dangerous deals – which is exactly why he was signed by Manchster City for around €50m in the summer of 2020. In the meantime, the German naitonal player has another advantage to show: working behind, or quickly recovering the ball after losing it. Moreover I put it Munich Especially valuable, Sunny accepted this fact.

FC Bayern: Leroy Sane at his best – despite the evil work

Good things take time – this can be applied specifically to tonight in Lisbon: Sane broke the spell with a magical free kick after 70 minutes, pulled the ball over the wall with his unique Top Spin shooting technique, and Bayern finally cheered what he deserved. -0. Then the guests played madly, and soon three more goals followed. My tongue has always had its feet in the game. The 25-year-old had either a Gnabry match planned at 2-0 (his own goal Everton, 80), and Lewandowski (82) poised at 3-0 or even shooting the same again at 4-0 (84).

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And because good things really take time, you can even associate this wisdom directly with my sunny tonight. Which brings us to a nasty act that can be seen live on TV, but hardly anyone should have noticed. What happened? Sane had already set up an idle ball in the first half. Robert Lewandowski was fouled shortly before the penalty area, then Sane took the free kick. The ball passed over the goal, so his first attempt from distance failed. Next, the wing rider turned away angrily, and then I saw him flash briefly on his curly hair: a green laser beam.

Did Leroy Sane suddenly turn green? Probably not, it was a laser pointer attack.

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Leroy Sane: Bayern vs Benfica Lisbon star blinded by laser pointer

The scene was so short and inconspicuous that this time on Twitter it did not warm up in emotions. But this does not diminish the truth. It is now fashionable for fans on the field to shoot rival players in the eyes with laser pointers during important actions. The goal is very clear: a person should be blind and not be able to reach a result with maximum concentration. Even in EM, some mayhem caused a stir, and Sané’s teammate Joshua Kimmich recently had to put up with a green sheen.

Television images do not show us whether the free kick crossed the goal because Sane was blinded by his failed shot. His face wasn’t so visible in any shot that it could have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. One can, of course, assume that the laser shooter followed this plan.

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The Federal Association of Ophthalmologists has warned of the danger of such actions: “The players in question are threatened with damage to the retina, in the worst cases even occupational disability.” Fortunately, he didn’t go that far on Wednesday and Sane finally managed to sink in with a free kick. He was not blinded, after 70 minutes, he aimed towards the other goal, a Benfica fan with the laser probably did not have a ticket for this block. (akl)