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FC Schalke: The former S04 talent is a star in America – now he wants to go back

FC Schalke: The former S04 talent is a star in America – now he wants to go back

FC Schalke 04: Former S04 talent in America has matured into a star – now he wants to go back!

06/30/2022 at 10:35 PM

Schalke 04: Knappensmeed’s greatest jewel

Schalke 04: Knappensmeed’s greatest jewel

Each year the Schalke 04 youth academy sees emerging talents play. We show you the best players Knappenschmiede has produced since 1999.

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In 2016, Kai Wagner signed a contract FC Schalke 04. S04 was a dream come true for the fan – and quickly exploded again.

It was good enough for the U23s where he left a year later FC Schalke 04 Again. He’s now a popular star in MLS – and wants to go back!

FC Schalke 04: Former talent talks comeback

Ur-Swabian, Schalke fan and MLS star. Kai Wagner did everything right by moving to America.

After suffering disappointments at Schalke and Würzburg Kickers, the left-back braved an adventure and moved to America. He has been playing for the Philadelphia Union for three and a half years and is a popular star.

Kai Wagner wants to go back to Europe

Now the time has come for Wagner, who wants to return to Europe with his family this summer if possible – preferably in the Bundesliga. Will FC Schalke make a comeback in 04?

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Rumors of Kai Wagner’s S04 return were already rife over the winter after he posted a mysterious selfie on the training ground. (more here). However, at the time, the 25-year-old Royal Blue could not be financed.


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It may have changed due to promotion. A low seven-figure transfer fee can be managed, as well as a salary of half a million. Nevertheless, the transition from Guy Wagner to Berger Feld is still unlikely.

A Schalke transition is unlikely

FC Schalke 04 are good at left back position. Thomas Ovejan is one of the best artists, and Kerim Kalhanoglu is a homegrown girl lurking behind him.

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A Wagner transfer would spark competition for the position, but Schalke certainly have no money for such eccentricities.

FC Schalke 04: Are these S04 stars missing in the making? Coach Frank Kramer explains

Concerns spread among the two S04 professionals that they would not be able to participate in the pre-season. Now Frank Kramer explained their position (More on that here)

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