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FC Tulln – Tulln need a ‘Hold Six’

FC Tulln – Tulln need a ‘Hold Six’

Tulane’s offense is more than ready for National League II. With Ruben Jozevic, they have a top scorer in their ranks who has had a fantastic half-season averaging 1.6 (!) goals in 13 matches.

However, Tulane opened up a nine-point gap to fall champion Neudorf. At first glance it looks like “a lot of wood”. But it will be difficult for them to repeat what Neudorf’s team achieved in the first half of the season in the spring. On the other hand, Tulln would certainly have a chance to pull off such a “home run” given the player material available.

The team lost a lot of matches in the fall, but was able to stabilize results again under the leadership of new coach Gernot Holkmann. In the last five games of the fall season, FCT has achieved at least 13 points. Only in the derby against Moeckendorf (away) did they have to settle for a draw (2:2).

So Tulln absolutely has title potential. But only if you can assign a martial artist to the Six. Or “sculpt” someone from your own team.

Why Tullen needs a ‘Holding Six’.

At the start of the season, Tulln – similar to its “city rivals” from Langenlebarn – recorded adventurous results. The defensive shortcomings were clearly visible. Coach Hulkmann now wants to fix this: “We have to work harder against the ball. We have absolute potential up front, but we often neglect our defence.

This is where young players can show themselves in the spring and claim to be part of the fighting squad. However, the willingness of these young people to train will also be required. Football is a tough sport, you have to fight for it sometimes.

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Tulln defeats Marchegg and plans to follow him

Meanwhile, Tulane didn’t have much to fight against against a weakened Marchegger in the final game of the first half of the season. We were superior to them in every way. In fact, 5-1 was fantastic. “But I’m still satisfied,” Hockman said.

A catch-up race is now scheduled for the spring. If Tulane stays together, it could be a lot more. The team will still have an important role in the title.