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FCK in America: “We have fulfilled our mission as a club” – Football

FCK in America: “We have fulfilled our mission as a club” – Football

1. FC Kaiserslautern’s training camp in America ended with a friendly against Minnesota United FC. The balance of travel is consistently positive.

On Thursday (June 29), 1. FC Kaiserslautern’s entourage returns to Germany. The Red Devils were out for nine days. First in Louisville (Kentucky) and then in St. Paul (Minnesota), 26 FCK professionals – as usual from coach Dirk Schuster – completed a very difficult training camp, captain Jean Zimmer reveals: “The units were very intense, there was a lot of fire, but there was also quality.”


At the end of its training camp in the US, FCK conceded a friendly defeat. At Minnesota United, the Red Devils lost 1-2 (1-2). Play was interrupted for a long time due to thunderstorms.

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FCK Sport managing director Thomas Henken was satisfied with his team’s performance: “Overall, it was a good training camp, we worked a lot and the boys played well.” In addition to training, there were two friendlies against Louisville City FC (2-1 win) and MLS club Minnesota United FC (1-2 loss).

Enthusiasm about local conditions

After days in America, all players are curious about local conditions and conditions. “We found a training center in Minneapolis, which was sensational in terms of conditions for the teams. We were given a great grass field and all the materials were available every day. We were able to train all the content thoroughly. Purpose,” enthuses Coach Shuster. And there is Zimmer’s point: “In Germany, we can generally learn some things from sports facilities in the United States.”

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Great conditions, good food and hospitality for the Red Devils in America. Because they have a lot of followers there. “I talked to an old man who was in Rammstein 25-30 years ago. He came all the way from Florida just to see us play. It shows how much luster the club still has in America,” says Zimmer. .

Almost 100 German fans there

But FCK fans weren’t the only ones coming from America to see Zimmer and co. Almost 100 supporters from Germany came to support their club. Coach Schuster certainly doesn’t have one thing. “I was totally surprised and delighted that so many fans supported us. It’s not normal, it’s not on your doorstep and it doesn’t have to be around the corner. A few thousand kilometers from home you suddenly have a whole block with Latterer fans.”

Not just football, but much more

Overall, the coach’s decision was completely positive: “It was really good, I don’t regret for a minute that we agreed to go to America for a preparatory training camp, and hopefully the team can collect one or two cultural points. City.”

In addition to sporting goals, 1. Training camp for FC Kaiserslautern is about gaining experience and thinking outside the box. “After all, it was different,” says Zimmer. “We’ve got a lot of records. Whether it’s a concert or a German school, you can feel and experience American culture.” FCK “has fulfilled their mission as a club and I think every player here has gained a lot of experience.”

No players were injured

The most important thing for CEO Hengen is that no one is seriously injured and everyone can start their journey home safely. There were minor injuries among the FCK pros, but overall everyone is fit and can continue to prepare for the new second division season in Germany. For FCK, it starts on the last weekend of July.

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