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USA: Dead Cruise Struggles with Sleep in Joe Biden’s Speech

Even during the election campaign, Republicans manipulated the US president’s sleep Joe Biden Against the spirit of democracy. Former President Donald Trump He repeatedly called his rival “Sleepy Joe” – the sleepless Joe. But even some of Trump’s party colleagues have not escaped the onslaught of exhaustion.

Videos of Texan senators are now circulating on Twitter Ted Cruz When Biden delivers his first speech to Congress, show that he is struggling with sleep. It’s hard for Cruise to keep his eyes open. According to US media, Biden spoke about the annoying Republican headline at the time of the recording: Dealing with refugees on the border with Mexico.

Cruise responded on Twitter shortly after. He commented on one of the videos that showed him sleeping with the hashtag #BoringButRadical, “Boring but serious”.

After the exhaustion attack, Cruz followed the debate very closely. He praised his fellow Republican Senator Tim Scott on Twitter South Carolina. In his address to Biden, he “emphasized Republican values ​​and leadership.”

Cruz later criticized Fiden’s speech at Conservative broadcaster Fox News. “The speech was quiet and melodious,” Cruz said. “Remembering a sentence was a challenge,” the Republican said.

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