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Fears of hundreds being killed after the earthquake that struck Afghanistan

Fears of hundreds being killed after the earthquake that struck Afghanistan

Afghanistan Disaster protection concerns yet Strong earthquake kills hundreds. A spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency said that seven villages in the hard-hit border province of Herat were completely destroyed German News Agency Saturday. “In some villages there were up to a thousand people or more living. There were 300 houses. Only 100 people survived,” the spokesman said. However, 15 deaths have been officially confirmed so far.

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Many residents are believed to be under the rubble. According to the spokesman for the ruling Taliban movement in Afghanistan, Sabibullah Mujahid, orders have been issued to the army and rescue organizations to go to the area affected by the earthquake to provide assistance. Therefore, hospitals were preparing to receive many wounded.

Destroyed villages

Videos posted on social media showed destroyed villages filled with piles of rubble, including many suspected victims. In the capital of Herat province, residents reported that crowds of people poured into the streets for fear of buildings collapsing.

On Saturday morning we had the least Eight earthquakes The border area near Iran shook within a short period of time. The US seismic station USGS estimated the earthquake’s strength at a magnitude between 4.6 and 6.3. The tremors occurred in the morning northwest of the Afghan border city of Herat, at a shallow depth of about ten kilometers.

And also in the neighboring country Iran I felt the tremors. Residents of the city of Mashhad in Iran, about 300 kilometers from the earthquake zone, said that the walls of houses shook. According to Iranian official media, teams were sent to the border areas to inspect possible damage. There were dozens of aftershocks.

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More than 1,000 people will die in earthquakes in 2022

A resident of Afghanistan’s Herat province reported the strong tremors: “We ran away from the buildings,” the man said. “Everyone is out in the open and no one knows what happened to their homes.” More than two million people live in the Afghan border province.

Severe earthquakes occur repeatedly in the region where the Arabian, Indian, and Eurasian plates meet. More than a thousand people died in a devastating earthquake in Afghanistan in 2022. After several decades of conflict, many homes are poorly built. Therefore, earthquakes often cause significant damage.