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“Federrausch” – Viennese Neustadt composer who impressed the cultural scene in Köttingbrunn

“Federrausch” – Viennese Neustadt composer who impressed the cultural scene in Köttingbrunn

Florian Hescher has been composing the music in “Federrausch” for the last few years. He can already recall some successes as a composer. This year, for example, he received the “Platinum Award” and the “Special Great Creativity Award.” Excellent at the Cambridge Music Competition.

But “Federrausch” is more than just a concert. It is also a dance performance and the artist’s reflection on life, which the audience can experience in short skits. Emotions are at the forefront. Hescher’s compositions are sometimes wild and disturbing, sometimes tender and sensitive, and there is also a hint of melancholy.

He himself plays piano, accompanied by Sophia Xiaoxi Liu on violin, Elizabeth Rakowitz on cello, and Harry Seepacker on percussion. Dancers Julia Schmidt and Elsa Ferstl transfer sounds into movement with skill and sensitivity, enhancing the emotions of the music and opening the eyes and hearts of the audience to more emotions. In the acting scenes, the artist confronts himself at different stages of his life – played by Florian Hicher himself and by actor Andreas Steiner, who accurately conveys his own mood even in the shortest scene. The composer also finds himself face to face with his younger self, portrayed by 11-year-old Gabriel Rakowitz, one of Hescher’s piano students.

The happy band during the final applause.

Ingrid Weinberger

Different genres – music, dance and acting – intertwine and continue to spin the thread of stories and emotions. The disconnect discussed in the acting scene is reflected, for example, in the later musical score including the dance sequence.

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After the show, all that remained were happy artists and a lively audience who sat together for a long time in the foyer of the cultural scene and talked to each other about what they had heard and seen.

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