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This is behind the mysterious countdown to "Batman"

This is behind the mysterious countdown to “Batman”

In Riddler’s style, the “The Batman” website baffled us. Unfortunately, the countdown did not provide the hoped-for new revelation.

Warning: Spoilers for “Batman” Follow! –

With Batman The first solo movie of the Dark Knight in ten years is finally showing in German cinemas. It was clearly well received, but the response to Robert Pattinson’s debut was compelling (“Tenite”) as Batman in both box office and reviews. Fans should be happy that they can now immerse themselves in the dark detective story themselves.

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Because a movie affiliate website created a mystery recently. We are talking about, the website that actually plays “The Batman” and addresses what may be the most important clue to the great mystery of “The Batman.” The Website in Our Visually Realm is strongly based on the analog created by Riddler (Paul Dano) in the movie.

The countdown kept fans in suspense for days, but after it ended, fans only expected a message:

“You’ve come a long way. Let’s see if you’re ready to learn more. As you discover all that has yet to be revealed, I’m safe. With my new friend we’ll see you soon.”

There was also a zip file filled with images and a PDF file with more information from Riddler’s research. Our video tells you how things could go after “Batman”:

THE BATMAN 2: What can we expect in the sequel?

Batman fans were hoping for more

Informing fans that he’s back in Riddler’s style is of course a coherent business. Unfortunately, it was marred by the fact that people were hoping for more.

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So some expected the site “Batman 2” It will announce or even provide a search for the current bar. There must have been some deleted scenes, at least one said to be so Four-hour movie version have been tested. As previously announced by director Matt Reeves, Editing of a deleted scene between Batman and the new Joker (Barry Keoghan).. This would of course have been an interesting revelation, but unfortunately it has to be done elsewhere; maybe yes then Batman on Blu-ray and DVD sound.

The Joker is undoubtedly the most famous antagonist of Batman. But how well do you know the DC villain?

Joker Contest: Only true Batman fans can score 12 out of 15 points!

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