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Felix Obock disappointed in the 400 meters as he finished seventh at the European Championships

Felix Obock disappointed in the 400 meters as he finished seventh at the European Championships

Felix Obock’s hope of winning a medal in his first participation at the European Short Course Championships in Otopeni (Romania) did not come true. After posting the second-best time in the 400m freestyle, the Lower Austrian had to settle for seventh place in the final on Tuesday. In 3:38.83 minutes, Obock improved on the previous round (3:39.43), but was 0.92 seconds away from winning the precious metals. Obock was 3.36 seconds behind winner Daniel Wiffen (IRL).

Obock had expected more from his pioneering discipline and was disappointed. “It wasn’t good in the morning either,” the 26-year-old said. “The others were quicker to defend, and in the end I ran out of energy and couldn’t push. I’m disappointed at the moment, but that’s how it is. “Now I’m swimming 200m and 800m, but I’m not thinking about that yet.”

Nobel was completely unsatisfied

In the semi-finals of the Dolphin 100m it was the end of the line for Lucas Edel. After finishing 15th in the preliminary round, the first-time European Championship player was able to consider it a success; In the semi-finals, he placed fourteenth in a time of 51.61 seconds. “However, I’m not completely satisfied, because there could have been so much more. I was very nervous before the race, and I did a lot of wrong things in the lead-up to the race, and now I’m trying to do everything better with the cramps.” “It was difficult at the same time,” explained the 17-year-old, who has completed several other Otopeni entries.

Other OSV starters were eliminated in the preliminary round. The men’s 4x50m crawl relay narrowly missed the final in 10th place. Heiko Giegler, Leon Opatrel, EDL and Alexander Trampich covered the distance in 1:27.16 minutes. Lena Kreundl placed 26th in the 50-meter freestyle with a time of 25.01 seconds, but her focus in Otopeni is on the medley races. “I’m not a runner. But it was very strong for me, and I felt absolutely fine. It was a good warm-up race and a good start to the week.

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Luka Karl (400m freestyle / 37th place), Marijana Jelić (50m freestyle / 34th place) and Andreas Rizk (100m freestyle / 18th place) were also eliminated.