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1st State League – Because of the canteen: But there are no boarding masters in Zwettl

1st State League – Because of the canteen: But there are no boarding masters in Zwettl

For several years now, the Zwettler Hallenmasters tournament in the city hall has become a popular tournament for club teams and has rapidly developed (initially between Christmas and New Year, then on January 6th) into a classic tournament with the best teams in the Waldviertel. At least this year the tournament will not take place – SC Zwettl has canceled the tournament. The reason for this is the canteen located in Zoetler City Hall.

The Waldviertel Volleyball Association has leased this since the beginning of this year – and is no longer allowed to pass it on to third parties. “This is stipulated in the lease with the municipality of Zwettl, we cannot move there, otherwise it would be a breach of contract,” explains URW president Werner Hahn.

“A lot of expenses but no income.”

Specifically, this meant: SC Zwettl, as the tournament organizer, was not allowed to operate the canteen and therefore did not have any income from the catering business. Under the new lease, it is no longer possible to take over the canteen on short notice as before. “The contract is what it is, we have to accept it,” says chairman Martin Grønstodel. “But this meant that we would have a lot of expenses, such as hall rent or referees’ fees, but no income. We cannot and do not want to do an event like this.”

So rejection. “It’s really a shame about the tournament, it was the last one in Waldviertel in which the best teams from Waldviertel participated,” said Grünstäudl. “Other teams are also disappointed.” In addition to Zwettl, domestic league rivals from Waidhoven and Schrems had already confirmed their attendance – and Gmund was also in attendance.

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