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FE&MALE Mathematical Conference with Petkovic, Dietrich, Hengschlager

FE&MALE Mathematical Conference with Petkovic, Dietrich, Hengschlager

ADVANTAGE LADIES awaits the best speakers on January 31, 2024 at Design Center Linz.

The first edition has been a topic of discussion beyond the country’s borders. After the initial winner, the FE&MALE ADVANTAGE LADIES SPORTS CONFERENCE will now open for the second time on 31 January 2024 as part of the world-class women’s tennis tournament in Upper Austria Linz Linz. And more quickly! Like the WTA 500 Championship, which is supported by the City of Linz and the State of Upper Austria, the FE&MALE Sports Conference has also been upgraded and will be taken to the next level with a new focus under the slogan “Better Together”. Thanks to the top international level speakers.

The first names to be revealed at this stage for the second edition: Andrea Petkovic, former world number nine in tennis, TV presenter and, as a best-selling author, already a guest of the legendary “literary quartet” of ZDF. Moreover, psychotherapist and mental health expert Nora Dietrich, who has made the topic of mental health socially acceptable, is convinced that “girls learn invaluable leadership skills through sports: willpower, humility, self-confidence, teamwork, and dealing with failure… The list is long. And of course this also applies to boys…” In addition – as with the premiere of the event – Prof. Mag. “Genes are just pen and paper,” explains Markus Hengschlager, an international Austrian geneticist. “Everyone writes history themselves. But girls are less convinced of their talent than boys.”

The FE&MALE Sports Conference brings together the theme “Gender Equality” into the axis of social, media and sports policies in cooperation with the federal sports organization Sport Austria and the Austrian Tennis Association (ÖTV). It’s about teamwork in sport, where women and men are equal: “Better together”. And there is another novelty: Teresa Pellegrini from Linz, captain of the Austrian men’s eight team, has won the title of new ADVANTAGE LADIES ambassador.

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FE&MALE Sports Conference tickets are valid for attending the symposium, participating in networking and getting a seat on the main field at the evening matches of the Upper Austria Ladies Linz team. Tickets are on sale in advance Online ticket store available. All information about this event is here available.

Comments on the 2nd Sports Congress of FE&MALE ADVANTAGE LADIES in Linz

Tournament Director Sandra Reichel: “The FE&MALE Sports Congress has become an integral part of our tournament programme. We are more than just a tennis tournament! After upgrading to 500 status, we have more appeal and want to provide a bigger stage and platform for important social issues. Last year’s premiere was a complete success and attracted attention Beyond the borders of Austria. Once again, the city of Linz and the state of Upper Austria have provided an important impetus for women’s sports! Now is the time to build on this and initiate sustainable changes. The relevance and relevance of the topic can be seen, not least in the fact that our distinguished partner ADMIRAL has entered into an additional partnership with the Congress FE&MALE ATHLETIC.

University-Prof. Maj. Marcus Hengschlager: “I was able to participate in the first ADVANTAGE LADIES – FE&MALE Sports Conference in 2023. It was a very inspiring and exciting event. I look forward to being able to contribute to this important event in 2024. Gifts and talents are genetically determined human potentials, which cannot be achieved.” Only through support, knowledge acquisition and training. The importance of gender and genetic requirements is still often exaggerated. “Genes are just pen and paper, everyone writes their own history. However, current studies show that girls are less convinced of their talent than boys. “

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President of Sport Austria Hans Nessel: “In all my previous roles, I always found that in areas where the number of women and men was balanced, the results in the end were better. I brought this vision from the beginning of my presidency of Sport Austria and therefore also established the Women’s Advisory Council for Sport Austria, which is dedicated to the fundamental question of What needs to be done to improve the situation of women in sport. The next important step was the holding of the FE&MALE SPORTS CONFERENCE ADVANTAGE LADIES. This joint initiative by the federal sports organization Sport Austria, Upper Austria Ladies Linz and ÖTV aims to give wings to this important social and political issue of sport. It has shown The first edition indeed confirms this and the second edition will confirm this!

ÖTV Chairman Martin Öneberg: “We are looking forward to organizing the FE&MALE Sports Congress for the second time together with the Upper Austria Women’s Federation Linz and Sport Austria. We consider this a very important incentive for women’s tennis. As the slogan ‘Better Together’ says, we must achieve equality between men and women in sports together and mutual support is essential.” Through the Women in Tennis project, with the support of the Ministry of Sports, ÖTV committed to women’s tennis and increasing the number of women in tennis almost two years ago. Since then, we have been providing regular workshops for coaches, officials and referees, which are increasingly popular and in demand. We recently received an award from ITF Gender Equality Award for our commitment to women’s sport.

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Barbara Schitt, tournament ambassador for the Women’s Upper Linz in Austria and former No. 7 in the world tennis rankings: “Last year’s launch was very successful, the response was overwhelming and exceeded our expectations. This was the first conference in Austria to focus on women’s sports. This is actually incredible! There is still a lot to be done in German-speaking countries when it comes to women’s sports recognition and equality.” Among them. It’s important that we continue with ADVANTAGE LADIES, and I’m really looking forward to the second edition. We will have great participants again!

Advantage Ladies Ambassador Teresa Pellegrini, skipper in the men’s eight category: “I am very happy to accept the ambassadorship because I am a woman working in men’s sports, in a position where it does not matter whether you are a woman or a man: only my ability matters. As the helmsman, I am sitting in a boat with eight men, all older, taller and heavier.” From me – and yet I am in control. The steering position is a very important position in a rowing boat and is often occupied by both genders at international level. Our sport can be used as a role model; we show as a positive example that men and women can be united in sport. It is just the beginning, it is not the solution yet , but I want to start discussions to further study how to achieve more equality in sports.