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Wimbledon: The controls cause frustration among fans

Wimbledon: The controls cause frustration among fans

Security checks at the entrance, which all visitors must pass, are particularly rigorous this year. Some articles have also been placed on the banned list. These include cable ties, chalk powder, super glue, chains and padlocks. The background is the fear of activists from the “Just Stop the Oil” organization (Stop the Oil).

This is completely unfounded. In recent weeks, activists have used several major sporting events in England – the cricket v. Australia (Ashes) summit, the rugby final and the snooker World Cup – to carry out protest actions. Something the president of the All England Lawn Tennis Club wants to prevent at all costs.

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Wait times of up to seven hours: One visitor took the time to take a nap

Regulators justify the controls

Sally Bolton apologized for the delay, which was not facilitated by frequent rain over the first three days, but defended the tight security. “As we’ve seen at other sporting events, there are no guarantees, but we’re absolutely confident that what we’re doing is the right one,” she said in a last-minute media meeting.

“But we would like to appeal to all to respect the people who come to Wimbledon to enjoy tennis. In peace and in a safe environment,” Bolton continued. However, for some it spoiled the fun before they were even over the planning in SW19.

Wimbledon is not for ordinary people.

An Atlanta woman told the Guardian she gave up at noon — after queuing for more than seven hours. “It’s incredibly disappointing,” she lamented. “Wimbledon has been on my bucket list. I love this beautiful tradition and this country. It’s absolutely a shame that it’s not like that for ordinary people anymore.”

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The puzzle, which has been distributed on the court, has a thousand pieces and shows Wimbledon Central Court

However, the effort could not completely prevent unrest. On Wednesday, members of the Just Stop Oil group stormed the 18th twice during matches, with a woman handing out confetti and puzzle pieces, and a man sitting on the grass. They were taken away by the security forces and the site was cleared with a leaf blower. Matches on the field have been temporarily suspended. Activists smuggled slips of paper and puzzle pieces in a puzzle box showing a picture of the Central Court.

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