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Festival scene: Aksamir Village Festival is back - and everyone was there

Festival scene: Aksamir Village Festival is back – and everyone was there

Outdoor fans had to wait two years for the 37th edition of the Aksamir Village Festival – and it makes sense that they flocked to the village square last weekend!

everyone that Aksam Village Festival As a fixed point in their calendar, they had to wait a long time for known reasons. Accordingly, the preparatory work was already at a boil – and when the gates of the Aksam village square opened on Friday evening, there was nothing to stop it!

group visit

Festival tigers flock to the outdoor festival area. Finally, in addition to the small and large details, the weather was also regulated so that a small cloud of rain did not cloud the sky at night and on Sunday. The total failure of the past two years was taken into account – there were awards like 2019. Accordingly, one should not spare the highest praise at this point either: Aksamir Village Festival with the festival area including the side performances of the disco pavilion No dimensions It can be compared to other festivals. This is why the many members of the Axamer Club who have had to do the hard work behind the scenes at the refreshment stations deserve a huge compliment, as do the service staff and anyone else who has given a helping hand in so many areas and within a great outdoor festival and get to know.

Praise Mayoral

Mayor too Thomas Suttner She didn’t skimp on praise: “You can see what happens when the clubs work together. I congratulate the festival committee and everyone who contributed to the success. We are all very satisfied with our festival back and hopefully it will continue for a long time to come.” president Matthew LessVice Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors Lisa Schwanningertreasurer Simon is not and Kate Man Bernd Foster Congratulations accepted. However, Simon Leis could no longer move forward, as he resigned his position as treasurer and handed it over to Bernd Faster.

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Dancers and Activists

Grilled specialties, schnitzel, sausages, chicken and flyers were sold in endless columns, people streamed non-stop at serving stations, the volume was strained at the disco, the youngest festival-goers enjoyed the many attractions on Sunday and the dance floor on the main stage was cracking at every seam In any case. Not least because the mayor was a master dancer and brought dance skills to the dance floor at night and in broad daylight.
By the way: Because the campaign is going on, some of those ladies and gentlemen vying for votes and who sparkle with endless sense of humor also joined the crowd for a shower.

Efficiency is also in ceremonial matters: Mayor Thomas Suttner turns out to be the lead dancer!