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Waves Festival Menschen sitzen im Wuk Hof

The Wave Festival brings the future of music to Austria

Hundreds of live shows can be watched from 8-10 September at the 2022 Vienna Surf Festival. Here are some of the highlights of the club’s festival and show.

to Christopher Sipin

At the beginning of September, the world of music traditionally comes to Austria for the weekend, when it is in Vienna Surf Festival is happening. What is this? Waves is a show club and festival, i.e. a festival focused on newcomers and rising stars. Have you always wanted to tell your friends that you watched their new favorite band live a long time ago, that time at the club rather than being on top of the big festivals? Then the waves are the place for you.

The festival takes place at home at WUK in and around Vienna, in pubs on the belt such as Chelsea or the Loft and of course also outdoors. Because Waves isn’t just about listening to music, it’s also about music. It’s so poetic when you talk to other pop culture fans about your most exciting new discoveries.

Believe it or not, 100 live shows can be seen at Waves over three days. Deciding who you want to watch and when is not so easy. So here are some tips. The best thing of all is to click through, and above all, to hear yourself through the lineup. It pays off simply because you can discover your new favorite band this way.

bipolar feminine

Bipolar Feminin is rumored to have made a big splash, especially among people who were able to see the band from Vienna live recently. Guitars too loud, too big emotions, so many pathos and so beautiful stories. It sounds like punk, then like Neue Deutsche Welle, like Hildegard Knef and the future of German-language rock ‘n’ roll in the Die Heiterkeit style.

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Years ago, pop music was still the future, what people like Amelia Tomei aka GIRLI from London did, the world finally understood what pop sounds like in the 21st century: confident and socially relevant, because there are words behind the name Pop Bubblegum Mental health, oddities and self-discovery. Millions of views of music videos on the one hand, and the sinister attitude on the other. “I feel so sad, I feel so free,” GIRLI sings, reaching to the heart of her voice.


Veronica Koenig’s music is an amazing sight. Farce writes songs about love, hate and hope and makes her a dancer – and how. Concerts are big parties with drumbeat samples and subdued volume levels, and then all of a sudden they come together Sixpence none richer cap Outside. You can’t dance against pain as beautifully as Farce’s music.

Priya Raju

At the latest with their release Lemon chicken rice A year ago it was clear: Priya Raju is a star! The compositions of the Swiss of Tamil origin comprise masterpieces of upbeat, lively pop, dance music, sing-along and catchy party songs. Her debut album damnshestamil was released in late 2021, and soon after was included in the BBC’s forward-looking 2022 Voice List.


Superorganism once said of her voice, “We want to make music like candy to the ear.” The collective from all over the world creates delightful pop full of samples and twists and turns like a rollercoaster ride through Candyland. A few years ago, they actually played at FM4’s birthday party, with their new album “Worldwide Pop” they are now a highlight of Waves Festival 2022.

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Surf Festival

8-10 September 2022
WUK Hall, WUK Foyer, WUK Beisl, Chelsea, The Loft Mainfloor, The Loft Living Room, Weberknecht, Fanialive, Clash