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Few places left to run: Sunday’s Winter Run series finale

Few places left to run: Sunday’s Winter Run series finale

As is known, all good things come in threes: On Sunday, February 26, 2023, the final round of the premiere winter running series “Woche” will take place with the third Winter Run Graz.

Graz. “I came to Winter Run through my mother, she loves to run very much,” she says Martinawhich is the third and final part of week Already looking forward to the running series presented on Sunday. Prior to that, I repeatedly participated in competitions in Godendorf or in steeplechase courses and mastered the 10-kilometer race in the Graz Marathon. “But I’m definitely not a big athlete,” smiles the 38-year-old, adding motivation to the new form. movement in winter Bother.

Your goal for that The grand finale? “I want to do five kilometers in less than half an hour,” said Martina firmly. No wonder, since it was so close to the second date—despite the snow: “I needed 33 minutes for the first run at the beginning of December, and at the end of January it was only 31 minutes.”

Perfect start to the running season

It remains to be seen how much conditions will play into Mariatrosterin’s hands this weekend. Anyway, cheerful spirits are displayed The organizer is Achim WeibelAnd Managing Director of Hekimus Event and Advertising Agency: “For athletes, it’s the perfect start to spring and a good preparation for the half marathon a month later.” Of course, all those who have not yet participated in the first two rounds can also participate.

Online registration is still open until friday evening – quick decisions is whether 50 places left to go still asking. Sunday starts as usual: at 11 am city ​​beach The starting shot at all distances (5, 10, 15 and 20 kilometres). Whether you need gloves or not – of course the week is back and your fingers will remain intertwined with Martina and her fellow activists.

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More information

Now you have to be fast! Details on the final Winter week series And Electronic registration find it on

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