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Fewer PCR tests in federal states: delta can be overlooked

Fewer PCR tests in federal states: delta can be overlooked

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In order to obtain information about the distribution of the delta variant, Dujakovic suggests sequencing the samples obtained for PCR tests. This is not possible as only antigen tests are currently performed. In addition, if the antigen test is positive, the PCR tests are not necessarily performed, but rather are automatically isolated. “Then we never know if/what kind of virus is there. Or it will be retested, and then a few more days will pass.”

Moreover: “If things really go wrong, we do not recognize the current developments in the country at all or too late,” Dujakovic tweeted. For him, it’s not about highlighting Vienna – 86 percent of all PCR tests done in Austria are now done in Vienna – but rather about better recording where we stand in Austria in terms of variants.

Despite the currently low numbers, the testing strategy must be maintained. “Instead of using summer and a quieter situation to expand PCR tests, they are being scaled back in most regions of Austria! This is very dangerous. Of course, people should have the impression that the epidemic is coming to an end.

The virologist sees this similarly

Virologist Monika Redlberger-Fritz, MedUni Vienna, spoke to KURIER in favor of continuing with testing. With any symptoms of respiratory illness – and if it’s just a runny nose – you should always get tested for Covid-19. But this was true even before the delta variable. “With a vaccination strategy and a very good testing system, where you can get the PCR result quickly, we will have a very good chance of preventing a spike. But if we say the epidemic is over, I don’t have to get tested, vaccinated or look after,” says Riddleberger Fritz Then we lost.”

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